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Acclimate Before Installing Hardwood

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The process of acclimating new hardwood flooring prior to installation is essential to a successful project. Hardwood flooring is a significant investment and not to be taken lightly. Part of the process is preparing your new wood to its new surroundings. Failing to acclimate your wood prior to installation may result in buckling or gapping over time. This will not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Acclimating the wood allows time for the new hardwood to more closely match the moisture content and relative humidity in the home or business where it is to be installed. This simple process reduces the likelihood of future problems as mentioned before. In an area that is typically more humid, like here in Georgia, a dry wood coming from a mill may need more time to acclimate than if it were to be installed in a home in the desert southwest. The overall goal is to get the new wood as close as possible to the environmental conditions of the installation site.

According to the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA), “wood flooring is a hygroscopic material subject to dimensional change as a result of variations in moisture, temperature and humidity within the surrounding environment. Wood flooring simply needs to reach moisture content level in equilibrium with the surrounding environment (EMC) in which it will be installed.” And as far as warranties are concerned? The NWFA goes on to say, “warranty coverage generally requires that jobsite conditions be maintained between 30% to 50% relative humidity and that those conditions must be maintained before, during and after installation for the life of the floor.”

It’s important to the overall lifespan of the hardwood floor that it is properly installed. That means acclimating the new wood prior to installation. Have questions about acclimating wood in this area? Give Ridgeline Floors a call at 770-862-2119 to setup a free in-home consultation. We’ll walk you through this process to make sure your new wood floor lasts a lifetime.

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