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bathroom tile
Categories Tile

Choosing the Right Tile in 2022

When designing a space you may be so excited about all the different tile choices you forget to select the right title for the right application. There are so many different color shapes, styles and textures of tile available it can be overwhelming. There are some important things to consider to help narrow down the type of tile you can choose for your project.

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Categories Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is More Popular Than Ever! Here’s Why

When looking at the flooring industry over the past decade one of the biggest movers and shakers has been vinyl flooring. The introduction of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) has really shifted the market. The introduction of a low maintenance product with water-proofing has really changed the way customers look at their flooring. LVP has a lot of great features like durability, low price point and luxury feel. Vinyl flooring is not just for homeowners, it’s also popular in hotels, colleges, and hospitals. 

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Categories Hardwood Refinshes

Choosing the Right Sheen for Your Hardwood Floor

When you are looking at a hardwood flooring project, sheen should be one of the factors you consider. Sheen for hardwood flooring is the level of gloss or luster on the surface of the floor. This gloss level will determine the amount of light your floor reflects, while it may not seem like a critical part of your floor it does have a big effect on how the floor looks. The sheen will change how much light is diffused by the floor and can impact how noticeable the imperfections are on your floor. The glossier the floor, the more apparent scratches and debris will be. There are four basic sheen levels for residential flooring. Ridgeline has put together some pros and cons for these sheens to help you make the right decision for your household. 

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Tile flooring
Categories Tile

Transform Any Space in Your Home with Tile

If you watch any of the numerous TV shows that deal with home renovation, you are likely seeing more and more tile used in the home. Why? Because it is easy to transform any space with tile. Think about a boring kitchen with a new bold and beautiful backsplash! Or a tired old fireplace that now has a new façade consisting of colorful tiles. Why are tiles so popular? In a word, versatility!

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pets and hardwood floors
Categories Hardwood

Pets and Hardwood Floors

We all know the beauty of a hardwood floor but you may also have been told that pets and hardwood flooring don’t mix. While hardwood flooring may not be an ideal flooring for pets, but carpet, laminate, and a variety of other flooring types aren’t either, it can be a satisfactory choice as long as you take necessary precautions and care.

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Categories Hardwood

What Makes a Hardwood Floor Look Antique?

If you’re looking to remodel your existing hardwood floor or buy a new one that looks antique, there are some things you should be aware of. When you walk into a colonial or antebellum home like you tend to see here in the Atlanta area, the floor will have a certain look that can be difficult to identify. What makes the floor look the way it does and how can you replicate it?

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Categories Hardwood

Wide Plank Flooring: How Wide is Too Wide?

Wide plank flooring is a big trend and has been in style for a few years. A blank is any board that is wider than 3″ while boards under 3″ are referred to as strip flooring. Wide plank flooring has many different appealing qualities. It is not as common which is one of the reasons people like it but there are times when it is not the right flooring for a specific space.

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Categories Hardwood

Homeowners Are Installing Hardwood Floor on Curved Stairs

If you have curved stairs in your home, you know how great they can look. They can provide movement and unique design opportunities for a home. However, if you have hardwood floor or want hardwood floor, you’ve probably been told that they can’t be done on hardwood flooring. You might have been told that it can be done but it will be very expensive. Either way, those are ideas from the past. Curved hardwood stair treads are very popular right now. As with every design trend, the demand has inspired many contractors to innovate new ways to meet the need.

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