10 carpet stair runner ideas for your home

If you?ve found that you?re sick of your bare staircase, adding a stair runner is a great way to instantly give your home a refresh. Fortunately, stair runners are available in virtually any style you can imagine, so there?s sure to be an option that appeals to your personal aesthetic.?

If you?re having trouble narrowing down your options or you?re just looking for some design inspiration before choosing a stair runner of your own, we are here to help. Below, you?ll learn more about why a stair runner is the perfect addition to your home and you?ll get some design ideas to help you decide how to upgrade your space.?

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What Is a Stair Runner

Unlike fully carpeted stairs, a stair runner is a?carpeted area?that doesn?t extend the full width of your stairs. Since there is some wood visible on either side of the runner, you?ll want to match the design of your runner to the exposed area of the stairs for the most cohesive look.

Benefits of Stair Runners

Many people think of stair runners as purely a design element, but the truth is that there are plenty of reasons to install them in your home. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider adding a runner to your staircase.?

Green carpeted stair runner

They Make Your Stairs?More Comfortable

Running up and down your bare stairs each day can take a toll on your feet. Adding a?stair runner?adds an extra layer of comfort and cushion beneath your feet so using the stairs is a bit more enjoyable.?

As a bonus, stair runners help keep your feet warmer when going up and down the stairs in the winter.?

Cover Damage on Your Stairs

If you?ve lived in your home for a while, you?ve probably noticed that there are signs of wear and tear on your stairs. Whether there are scratches in the wood or unsightly stains, one of the easiest ways to cover these cosmetic issues is by installing a stair runner.?

Of course, if there is structural damage to your stairs, it?s best to repair it before installing a stair runner.

Can Help Dampen Noise

When?you have pets?or kids running around your home, it can fill your heart with joy? even if your ears don?t always love it. By adding a runner to your staircase, you can help dampen some of that noise, as the extra padding will help absorb it.?

With a stair runner, you won?t hear the echo of footsteps going up and down the stairs as much as you normally would.?

Help Prevent Accidents

While hardwood stairs are beautiful, they can pose a safety risk, especially for seniors or those with mobility restrictions. The slippery surface of wooden stairs can lead to dangerous falls that result in serious injury.?

To help make your staircase safer for all members of the family,?adding a stair runner?is a great idea. It can provide traction so you feel more stable going up and down the stairs, even with mobility restrictions.?

Protect Your Floors

As we mentioned above, daily use of your stairs can lead to wear and tear over time. Adding a stair runner is the perfect way to keep them protected from damage over the years.?

This physical barrier between your stairs and your daily activities can help keep your stairs in good shape, so they?re preserved for as long as possible.?

They Add a Sense of Warmth to Your Home

There?s?something about carpeting?that just makes your home feel cozier. Adding a runner to your staircase can add a certain warmth to your home, instantly making it feel more thoughtfully designed and polished.?

The right stair runner can act as a finishing touch to your home, making the whole space feel more elevated.?

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Stair Runner

Now that you know more about the benefits of adding a stair runner to your home, you can start to think about which one makes the most sense for you. Before you do, here are the most important things to consider when making your stair runner decision.?

The Type of Carpet?

Since your stairs are a high-traffic area of the home, you?ll want to?choose a carpet?that is durable. In general, we recommend choosing one of two options for your stair runner: low-pile rugs or flat woven rugs.?

Low-pile rugs:?As a good rule of thumb, it?s best to choose a low-pile stair runner that?s below a quarter of an inch. If you?choose a rug?with a higher pile, it will be harder to install on your stairs and it will develop a stiff look over the years.?

Flat Woven rugs:?Another option is to choose a flat woven rug made from a natural fiber. These materials are extremely durable and easy to install on stairs, making them a perfect option for runners.?

The Width of Your Stairs

It?s also important to think about how wide your?stair runner?should be. The answer, of course, depends on the width of your stairs and how much of the stairs you?d like to be visible on the sides of the runner.?

We recommend leaving a few inches of stairs available on either side of the runner. So, if your stairs are three feet wide, then a 27-inch runner could be the perfect width. If you have wide stairs, then a 33-inch runner might be a better option.?

When you meet with our experts about your stair runner, we can help you choose the best option based on your specific set of stairs.?

10 Carpet Stair Runner Ideas for Your Home

Now it?s time to think about the stair runner design you should choose! We?ve rounded up some of our favorite design ideas to leave you feeling inspired.?

Pet dog on carpet stair runner

1. Keep It Classic With a Black-and-White Option

You can never go wrong with a contrasting option like a black-and-white design. We love this color palette for a stair runner because it?s simple, yet elegant, and it complements a variety of different design aesthetics.?

2. Indulge Your Wild Side With an Animal Print

Decorating with animal prints
?can make a bold statement, especially in an area like your stairs. For a fun, eye-catching print that isn?t too over the top, we recommend choosing a neutral color palette with a subtle animal print that brings just the right level of excitement to the space.?

3. Go Bold With Red

To instantly make a statement with your stair runner, consider a ruby-red hue. This jewel tone pairs well with wrought iron and light walls, allowing the stair runner to serve as a piece of art in its own right.?

4. Opt for Geometric Shapes

If you?d prefer a more subtle look for your stair runner, you can?t go wrong with a light geometric shape set on a neutral background. The geometric look adds a point of interest in the design, without being over the top.?

5. Choose a Two-Tone Look for a Pop of Design

Do you have two colors that you?d love to incorporate into your stair runner? Consider a two-tone runner that features a bold edging in a color that complements the rest of the runner. The result is a minimalist look that?s anything but boring.?

6. Keep It Simple With Monochrome

On the other hand, you can choose a monochrome design of a solid color in the same color as your staircase. For example, pairing a black staircase with an all-black runner makes a bold statement for a chic look.?

7. Use Jute for a Natural Look

Nature-inspired accents are all the rage right now. You can tap into this design by choosing a stair runner?made out of jute, which is a natural plant fiber that?s perfect for a heavy-use area of the home.?

8. Tap Into the Colors of the Year

Going into 2024, blues are topping the various?color-of-the-year lists, ranging from dusty blue options to rich hues and everything in between. You can use this as inspiration, choosing a blue stair runner that?s classic yet trendy.?

9. Keep It Solid

No matter what color palette you prefer, choosing a solid-color runner is a beautiful choice that will keep the area from looking too busy. This is a great option if you have a lot of other decor that you want to be the focus of the design.?

10. Pick a Pattern

On the other hand, minimalist designs can benefit from a patterned runner that draws the eye without being overwhelming. From simple shapes to more intricate designs, there?s something that will look great in every home.?

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