Is white oak hardwood flooring pet friendly?

White oak is a beautiful floor and it?s no shock that it has become such a popular flooring type. If you have any experience with wood flooring you may know that some flooring types work better in different environments and under different conditions. Shiny floors have slowly been phased out because people have realized they are hard to maintain, the same goes for dark floors in households with white dogs. If you have pets you may wonder if white oak is a good option for you and your animals.

White oak is actually one of the recommended wood species for homes with pets. It is a resilient wood that can withstand some of the abuse your animals may inflict on your floors. The open grain in the wood can help hide some of the potential scratches and dents. The grain isn?t just good for masking scratches its beautiful and one of the main features of white oak. White oak also boosts longboard lengths which are beautiful and make the room feel more seamless.

White oak can be distressed with methods like wirebrushing. A wire brushed finish is a great option in homes with pets. If you have dogs you will love how the textured look helps mask fur and minor surface scratching. The texture look and feel adds to the longevity of the finish coat and can be the ideal choice for allowing animals and wood flooring to exist together.

White oak offers a lot of character which is one of the reasons it is so loved. Depending on the grade it may have checks, nots and variable tones and colors. The floor can look rustic or very polished depending on the grade. The character within each board is great for camouflaging scratches and parks from pets.

White oak is beautiful naturally but can also be stained to further enhance its beauty. Some of the darker stains may not be ideal for pets because it can make the fur stand out more. Some of the other stain colors can be a great way to fit the white oak to the colors of your home. Many hardwood professionals have stain samples for you and can do tests on your floor to help you choose the perfect color for you home.

White oak isnt just beautiful its pet friendly. We know pets are like family to so many people and choosing a floor based on how it will work with your four legged family members is important.