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Carpet Installation in Alpharetta

Carpet Installation in Alpharetta

Carpet has been a popular flooring choice for a long time and many people gravitate to this flooring option because of the comfort and warmth it provides. Carpets and rug have been around for centuries and 16th century rugs were a work of art. Modern carpets have changed some from these hand crafted rubs but still are an important part of Alpharetta, GA homes. Carpets beauty and comfort are unmatched by others flooring types. 

Should I Install Carpet in my Alpharetta Home?

Carpet is a great flooring option for many different reasons. Homeowners often comment that carpet is much more comfortable to walk on. Carper is a quieter flooring option and makes your home feel warmer and more inviting than most hard flooring types. Homeowners typically utilize carpet in their family room and bedrooms but it works great in almost any room. Carpet is easier to install than tile or hardwood and can be completed quickly while hardwood or tile can take a lot longer to complete. Versatility is also a big motivation to utilize carpet, carpet can work in so many different spaces and situations. Carpet’s price point is another motivating factor for Alpharetta homeowners who are looking for a beautiful flooring option that doesn’t break the bank. There is a carpet option that will work for nearly every budget. 

Carpet Types

Carpets may seem like a standardized product but there are so many different carpet types. The carpet types range in lengths and thickness of the fibers. The twist of the fibers is another aspect that creates different The twist of the fiber affects the way carpet feels and the durability. Depending on how the carpet is constructed you may have sheared ends on the fibers to create a specific look while other carpets have non-sheared ends to create a low pile. Twisted loops can help with matting while adding texture and patterns to the carpet. The most durable option is a looped pile carpet but can become damaged is these loops are pooled. Cut and loop carpets combine these styles to create even more textures and patterns. 

Loop Cut Carpet

Loop cut carpet or LCL is a newer style of carpet that has become very popular. This carpet style utilized both looks and twists to add texture, design and pattern to the carpet. These designs can be intricate and elaborate because of all the combined fiber styles. This carpet style works well in areas that are exposed to more dirt like high traffic areas. 


Velvet carpet is not very common but it is truly beautiful and so elegant. Velvet is a cut pile carpet and the fibers blend together creating a consistent rich color that is smooth to the touch. 


Frieze is a cut pile carpet style that is rugged and stands up to abuse well. The frieze stagnes are tightly twisted to create a tight curl. The carpet often looks nubby or pebbled and the strands create a tight surface that helps keep dirt and debris from getting between the fibers. 

Textured Plush

Textured plush is another cut pile carpet that can be used in a variety of settings. This carpet wears better than velvet but does look as formal.

Tone on Tone

Tone on tone carpets are carpets that utilize a random dye pattern. This dye pattern is great for camouflaging dirt and stains and makes this an ideal carpet for everyday use. 

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet is a statement piece and adds a bold design to the biggest surface in your home. Patterned carpet can feature contemporary patterns, floral designs and other traditional options. Patterned carpet really locks the room into a style and can help with decorating your home. Patterned carpet is high quality and liveable. 

Call Your Alpharetta Carpet Experts at Ridgeline Floors

When choosing  flooring options, carpet is a wonderful option. No matter what style or type of carpet you need for your Alpharetta, GA home we can help. Shopping for carpet comes with a lot of choices but Ridgeline is the best choice for carpet installation.  Call 770-592-8903 today!


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