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bathroom tile

When designing a space you may be so excited about all the different tile choices you forget to select the right title for the right application. There are so many different color shapes, styles and textures of tile available it can be overwhelming. There are some important things to consider to help narrow down the type of tile you can choose for your project.

First you want to consider the location you are tiling. Think about what room you are utilizing tile in like the kitchen, bathroom, or flooring for multiple rooms. The room you are utilizing the tile and will help narrow down what type of tile will be best for your project. The kitchen or bathroom may need a waterproof tile especially for walls of a shower or backsplash. If you are tiling the floor of the living room or the whole house you may want to consider a tile that can withstand lots of use. Durability will come into play for flooring more so than backsplash. 

Next you will want to consider color. What color tile you are considering will help you to zone in on a more specific category. Some tile types fall into more specific color categories like slate tile is dark and would not be something you would commonly see for a backsplash. Tile comes in nearly any color but you will need to think about this before heading to select tile to eliminate some of the thousands of options available. The color of your tile is a personal choice but there are some things to consider style wise. A light tile can make your space look brighter and bigger while a dark tile may add some depth and make the room feel smaller. Bright or vibrant colors are a fun option and can make the room feel very happy and warm.

Additionally you want to consider the shape and texture of tile you were looking for. Natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass or some of the categories that come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. By narrowing down the shape of tile you are looking for and the texture you will eliminate a lot of different options. There are a lot of different tile shapes that are currently very popular including subway tile, square tiles, and penny tiles. These different tile shapes work best in different spaces and applications. Subway tile is commonly a glass tile that is used for backsplash but can also come in natural stone and other materials. Square tiles have been popular for years and are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes. Penny tile has increased in popularity after decades of being out of vogue, this shape is great for a slip resistant flooring in the bathroom. After narrowing down the shape you can also narrow down tile options further by narrowing down the texture. The type of tile you utilize will give it a different texture. Glass tile is generally very smooth and would be an awful choice for a shower floor. Wood tile is durable, looks natural and can come in a few different textures making it a great flooring option. Marble is commonly smooth and makes a beautiful flooring in a dry room or backsplash for the kitchen. Stone is often more rough and is an ideal flooring choice. A tile expert is a great resource when deciding if a title texture will work well in the application you are looking for.

Finally you will want to consider the maintenance and cleaning of different tile types. Some tiles require a lot more work to keep clean and can be very temperamental and delicate. Ceramic and porcelain are often chosen because of the ease of cleaning. Natural stone is very hard and easy to maintain but can require sealing to ensure it doesn’t collect dirt and grime. Glass tile is often prone to water spotting so you will need to spend some time polishing it to keep it looking shiny and clean.

All in all the choice of what tile to utilize in your home depends on your application, needs, and design style. While there are some tiles that will just not work in certain applications like very smooth tiles on shower floors or very rough tiles on a backsplash that would make it impossible to keep clean the sky’s the limit with the 1000s of different tiles on the market and the endless applications.

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