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Cummiong Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation in Cumming

One of the longest standing flooring options is carpet, centuries later carpets are still a popular flooring type and for good reason. Carpet become popular in the 16th century when rich textile rugs became popular and these beautiful rugs and carpets helped launch carpet into the beloved flooring we use today. Many homeowners in Cumming choose carpet because it is comfortable and beautiful. 

Why Install New Carpet in Your Cumming Home?

There are many reasons people choose to utilize carpet in their homes. Carpet is soft and feels great under your feet. The warmth of carpet is another big factor, many people choose carpet because of the noise dampening effect as well. Carpet is a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms because it adds a level of comfort and coziness. Carpet is also easier to install than other flooring types and a whole house can take as little as a day but tile or wood flooring may take a week or more. Carpet is very versatile and works great in all sorts of buildings and rooms. Carpet also has a great price point that attracts lots of customers. There is a carpet option that works for just about every budget. 

Carpet Types 

Just like other flooring there is not just one carpet option, there are. Variety of different types of carpet that incorporate different lengths and thicknesses. The way carpet fibers are twisted creates different looks and also impacts the way the carpet feels and wears. The tighter the twist the more durable the carpet will be. Some carpet fibers are sheared to expose the ends of the fibers and while others have a loop pile and no sheared ends. Twisted loops can help with wear abs resist matting, the loops also help create the look of the carpet and can add patterns and texture. Looped pile is a durable option but if the loops are pulled it can cause damage. Some valet types blend both styles which creates more textures and patterns. 

LCL or Loop Cut Carpet

LCL carpet is a newer carpet style that is very popular. This carpet combines both twists and loops to make more intricate designs and patterns. The combination of fiber styles allows for elaborate designs and patterns. These styles are ideal in high use areas of the home because they wear well and can resist damage. 


Velvet carpet is a beautiful carpet style that is created with an elegant cut pile. The fibers blend together almost seamlessly giving the carpet a smooth and rich color. 


Frieze is a cut pile carpet that has a rugged style. The strands of frieze are twisted be dry tightly and then curled back on themselves creating a nubby texture or almost pebble like look. 

Textured Plush

One of the most versatile cut pile carpets is a textured plush. Textured plush is a little less formal than velvet but still very beautiful. Textured plush wears nicely and is more durable than velvet. The carpet tufts are visible which adds to the design of the carpet.

Tone on Tone Styles

Tone on tone carpet is a randomly dyed carpet that has color variations. This carpet style is great for areas that may get dirty or stained because the color variation works as a camouflage. 

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpets are another option and can really add a lot of style to a room. Pattern carpets come in all sorts of variations including floral, contemporary or traditional patterns. These carpet options have a lot of style and may not be right for every room but can be a great conversation piece in the right house. 

Your Cumming carpet experts are ready to help with your carpet project, no matter how big or small. Our team can help choose the right carpet for your space or just install carpet you have already selected. Shopping for carpet can be a fun but overwhelming experience and our team is happy to help. Ridgeline floors is here to make the carpet project easier. Call 770-592-8903 today!


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