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Differences in Hardwood vs. Laminate

Out of the many options available when it comes to flooring, hardwood and laminate continue to be some of the most popular. Compared to carpet, hardwood and laminate are much easier to clean and don’t tend to hold nasty smells. When looking at both hardwood and laminate side by side, however, one option tends to outshine the other. If you are in the market to put in new flooring in your Atlanta area home, be sure to ask the experts at Ridgeline floors just which one is the right fit for your family.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have been around for generations as the typical flooring option – and for good reason. As one of the most popular options, hardwood floors is a benefit to potential home buyers Hardwood Floors in Atlantaas it is easy to clean and can hold up against quite a lot. Although most hardwood can be scratched relatively easily, many products exist to fill them in (or if it gets bad enough, just refinish your floors!). Hardwood is durable and is known for lasting many long years under the right maintenance and care. Additionally, the natural look of hardwood means that it can easily complement a range of decorating styles in homes. For families, hardwood can still be a good option as it can make spills and messes easier to clean up – however, this material should not be allowed to hold standing water.

Those looking for the most bang for their buck will find the perfect option in hardwood. It lasts around 20 years, and when it has lost its shine it can be refinished (a much cheaper option than getting installation of a new flooring). While hardwood floors do not sit very well in the sun as it can fade them, it takes quite a long time to notice the difference.

Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors in AtlantaThose on a strict flooring budget often choose laminate floors as they tend to be the cheaper option. In some cases, laminate is able to mimic the look of hardwood, although in many low-quality pieces it can be obvious that the wood grain is fake. Installation of laminate is also cheaper, and many attempt to do so on their own without the help of a professional – which can have a lasting negative impact on how it looks and how long it lasts. When damaged, laminate floors can be very hard to fix simply because it can be difficult to find matching pieces. Manufacturers often bounce from pattern to pattern and after a few years, it might not be in production anymore. If a match is found, there also is no guarantee it will look right once replacing the broken piece as years of sun and wear from those inside the home can make the laminate flooring look different.

As a newer alternative to hardwood, laminate floors don’t have quite the same following and attraction as hardwood which is why there doesn’t seem to be a benefit for those selling their home with the material. However, laminate floors are not as easy to scratch as its counterpart and will not fade if placed in the sun for an extended period of time. Like hardwood, laminate should not be subjected to standing water, and might not be the best option for wet areas of the home like the bathroom. It is a good option for those with pets and small children, as it is similarly easy to clean and maintain. Simple routine cleaning measures like sweeping, vacuuming with a hardwood floor-type vacuum, and mopping should maintain laminate flooring.

Comparing Hardwood Floors and Laminate Floors Together

To start with the comparison, how the floor is laid down will be one of the key factors in how it will be affected by time. This is why we typically always recommend asking a professional in the Atlanta area like Ridgeline Floors to install your floors for you – no matter what they are. Expert installers are able to fix issues on the go and determine the best fit for your home (which tends to be hardwood!). If you believe that you will sell your home in the future, having hardwood floors is a great selling point to potential buyers. Alternatively, laminate does not offer such a benefit. When it comes to damages, it can be a lot easier to fix hardwood scratches and dents rather than trying to find the perfect match of laminate pieces that may or may not still be in production. Once your hardwood floor is too old to continue fixing with DIY solutions, it can be refinished to look as new as it did 20 years ago.

From a care and maintenance perspective, hardwood needs a bit more than laminate would – but don’t the best things always need more? Your investment in hardwood means you will most likely readily accept the maintenance that comes with it. Eventually, it will become so routine you won’t even notice it! Both laminate and hardwood floors should never be exposed to extra water and spills, as they can both be damaged by it in the long run. Ultimately, the decision between hardwood and laminate floors is up to you and what you need in a flooring option. Another option to check out is spc luxury vinyl flooring. A good brand is Cordalera floors.

Call a local Wood Floor Contractor that Serves Atlanta

Laminate and hardwood floors each have their pros and cons to really dive into as a homeowner in the market for new flooring. Most often, we find that hardwood floors tend to line up with what a homeowner needs and wants in a floor due to its beautiful, durable composition. To match up with the many different trends and styles your home will go through throughout the years, hardwood is most often the best option because of its ability to easily complement other designs. And once it is time, you can refinish your floors to give them a brand-new look and feel! When it is time to choose a new flooring option for your Atlanta area home, give Ridgeline Floors a call for a free consultation. Ridgeline Floors is your Atlanta area wood floor solution!

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