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Do I Need to Wax My Harwood Floor?

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Hardwood floors don’t require very much maintenance. With some sweeping or vacuuming, they can look great and perform great for years. However, from time to time, you’ll need to do a little more upkeep. Over time, the floor can start to look dull, cloudy, and dented. Floors look cloudy because of hundreds of tiny scratches. Sliding furniture, pet claws, and hard-soled shoes can scratch the finish. That will eventually make the floor look faded. Floors can look dull if the finish coat on them starts to wear away. Dents arise from heavy furniture, hard shoes, and pet claws as well. 

If you have a hardwood floor, you’ve likely seen hardwood flooring wax and considered if you need it. Hardwood wax is not for all kinds of floors, though. 

Which Floors?

Most floors now are finished with a layer of polyurethane. You should never put hardwood floor wax on a polyurethane floor. That can make the floor slippery, cloudy, and can complicate the process of reapplying the polyurethane. For polyurethane floors, you’ll likely use a floor polish. Obviously, you should pick one that is designed for polyurethaned floors. That’s because wax provides a coat that sits on top of the wood, which is the same thing that polyurethane is. 

You should wax floors that have been treated with penetrating seals such as oil, shellac, lacquer, or varnish. These finishes penetrate the pores of the wood. So, they’ll also need something on top of the wood to keep it protected. Also, you can wax an unfinished floor. 

What Does It Do?

Wax forms a waterproof seal on top of your floor, which will increase its resistance to staining. It will also decrease the likelihood that moisture will seep into the wood, which can cause buckling and cupping. 

Wax will also hide some of the minor scuffs and scratches. These superficial blemishes are noticeable because they don’t reflect light as much as the unblemished wood. A layer of wax will help them blend better with the unblemished wood. 

Wax also protects the stain and the finish on the wood itself. Stains and oils can wear away due to UV light and through daily use. Providing a physical barrier between your feet and the oil will help the oil last longer. 

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Lastly, wax can look great. A clear coat of wax will provide a glossy topcoat on your floor. You can also choose a colored wax, most of which are available in colors of natural wood. That will deepen and enhance the look of your floor. Sometimes, however, the wax just won’t do the job and you’ll need the help of a refinishing company, that’s where we come in. Contact us today for a free quote!

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