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Dunwoody Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Dunwoody Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Roswell, Georgia hardwood refinishing


Hardwood floors are a classic flooring choice and offer great bang for their buck because of the option to refinish them. Refinishing hardwood allows you to restore the floors to an even and beautiful shine. The team at Ridgeline Floors uses an NWFA sanding process to give the floor new life, the whole process takes only a few days. We have a highly skilled and trained team that can create beautiful flawless floors with the skill and expertise to solve any problems we may run into. Our team is equipped with high quality equipment and finishing materials to ensure the highest quality finished product possible. The flooring finish can make a huge impact on how your floors look and wear. 

Dust is a big concern for many of our customers and we understand why it is such a concern. Many of our Dunwoody homeowners are relieved to hear that dust containment is a big part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and we have worked hard to find great solutions to the dust storm that can be created with hardwood flooring refinishing. One of the things Ridgeline Floors has invested in for reducing dust is a high quality vacuum system. We also utilize other equipment like zip walls, dust extractors and air filters to reduce dust. We bag sanding dust outside of the home to cut down on airborne dust as well. The investigation of dustless sanding systems has made the refinishing process much more enjoyable for homeowners. 


One of the biggest changes in the hardwood industry over the last 20 years has been to finish. Water based finish has been introduced and it has paved the way for greener options and less toxic finishes. Water-based finish keeps the same durability as oil-based finish with less smell and a better finished look. Water-based finishes and UV cured finishes do not have the odor and V.O.C.s that you will find in oil-based products. V.O.C.s can affect your health and the fumes can gas off for 60 days in some finishes. UV or water-based finishes are fully cured in just 36 hours, often less especially for UV finishes, and do not release fumes for weeks following their application. Water-based finishes are durable and can go years between maintenance coats and refinishes.


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Hardwood floors are resilient. They are able to take abuse throughout the years and when the time comes they can be re-sanded and made to look new.  With hardwood refinishing, the transformation in just a few hours of work is truly marvelous.

Hardwood flooring stands up to years of use but eventually it will need to be refreshed to look even and bright again. Re-sanding existing hardwoods gives them an even sheen, removes scratches and returns them to their former beauty. The transformation in as little as a few hours is really remarkable. 


Hardwood flooring isn’t impenetrable but can take some abuse, overtime the abuse will lead to the floor needing to be refinished. Refinishing your floors can add beauty and life back into your floors. 

What refinishing improves-

  • Surface scratches
  • Some major scratches
  • Cracks filled
  • Sheen – restored, uniform
  • Germs, dirt and grime removed
  • Pet stains improved, not guaranteed
  • Floor to be maintenance free for 5-8 years


Expectations of our team-

  • Timely
  • Kind
  • Helpful
  • Work site is maintained and well kepts
  • Needs and special requests addressed and met
  • Background checked
  • Final walkthrough at end of job


Dunwoody customers often say dust containment is their top concern. Our goal is for your experience to be great from the moment we finish the floor and leaving the house a dust storm can really impact overall satisfaction. Ridgeline floors has worked tirelessly to find solutions to containing the dust created when refinishing floors and we have come up with a great system. Eliminating the bags that come with traditional sanding equipment and instead using a vacuum system that brings dust outside to be bagged and disposed of makes a huge impact. Our vacuum system helps us be 99% dust free and ideal for our Dunwoody customers who are looking for ways to reduce dust when having their floors refinished. 

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