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Dunwoody Hardwood Maintenance

Dunwoody Hardwood Maintenance

Extend Your Floors Life & Look

Hardwood flooring is beautiful but over time does need attention and care to preserve the natural beauty. Hardwood’s life can be extended and the beauty restored with professional cleanings. Ridgeline’s professional cleanings use new technology and should be done on regular intervals to protect and preserve the beauty of your floors. The cleaning system utilizes a mechanical scrubber, high PH cleaners and high powered vacuums to clean the floor as much as physically possible. Once the floor is cleaned we can buff it and add a fresh coat of finish to really add life back into it. The buffing process helps to remove scratches from the top coat and creates scratches that allow the new coating to adhere. The fresh new coating will bring back the shine and luster from when the floor was first installed and the floor will look brand new again. This process can allow a floor to last for decades and even centuries. 

Ridgeline Floors recommends our customers follow a 3-5 year maintenance schedule based on the floor’s wear patterns and traffic. Many of our Dunwoody customers find that they need a maintenance coat every 3 years because of their pets and children. This schedule keeps your floor looking its best and helps to keep scratches to a minimum. 

Maintenance Coat // Do I need it?

Definitely. If you are looking to get the most life out of your floor and keep it looking great, maintenance coats are a huge benefit. Walking on your floor can dull and wear the finish over time. Maintenance coats are a great way to keep your floor looking like it did when it was first installed. Maintenance coats are also quicker and cost much less than a full refinish. 

  • Takes just 2-4 hour based on the size of the project
  • Beautiful finished results, looks like new
  • Small flaws and scratches are removed
  • Shine and sheen are even and fresh
  • Process is dustless
  • Finish is durable and protects the floor for years. 

The Maintenance Coat Process


Our team arrives and answers any questions and concerns you may have. We’ll then vacuum and wet tack the floor. This allows us to start with a clean slate, allowing our machines to work most efficiently. Finally, we use a micro-fiber mop to remove any remaining impurities from the floor.


After the first cleaning we do a second cleaning. Our machines scrub the floor and utilizes a high pH solution to best remove dirt and grime not removed in step 1.


With the floor completely clean, we begin with the buffing process. Buffing removes any small scratches and imperfections, while ensuring the new coat will properly bond to the floor.


With a thoroughly clean and abraded surface, we can move to the final step. We now apply the new finish coat, giving the floor a new sheen or shine while filling in as many existing scratches as possible.

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