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Dunwoody Luxury Vinyl Floor Installation

Dunwoody Luxury Vinyl Floor Installation

Luxury Vinyl Installation in Dunwoody

Luxury vinyl is all the rage in the flooring industry these days. Luxury vinyl of LVP can mimic the look of real wood with less maintenance and less concern for damage. Many LVP products have a waterproof layer or a water resistant layer, this is a huge advantage of laminate or engineered flooring. If you have a room that has a lot of moisture like a bathroom or laundry room vinyl flooring is a great option. 

There are a lot of advantages of luxury vinyl flooring. LVP is not as cold as wood or stone flooring which makes it more inviting for bathroom or bedroom floors, especially in the winter. The style and color options are also a big advantage, if you can dream it there is likely an LVP product that matches what you are looking for. LVP is a man made product which allows for more color options and variations than natural wood or stone can produce. Luxury vinyl products are also a lot lower in cost than solid wood flooring. Luxury vinyl floor installation can be much quicker than other floorings like wood or tile. Mopping and sweeping are the only required maintenance which is a huge selling point for many homeowners. 

The feel of natural hardwood floors is not easy to replicate but luxury vinyl flooring does a great job mimicking the look and many homeowners are choosing to go this route because of the cost and easier care. Ridgeline works with Dunwoody customers on choosing and installing their luxury vinyl plank flooring. If you are ready to get a free in-home estimate we would love to meet with you. Our in-home estimates are free and a great way to get your LVP questions answered.

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