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If you are on a tight flooring budget it can be hards to find options within your budget. We are outlining some great options within different prices per square foot. All of these prices are subject to change because of changes in mill costs, finishing costs and other factors but they are a great place to start so you will have a good idea the general costs of some basic flooring types.

The range in flooring costs is huge ranging from just a few dollars per square foot to over $25 per square foot. Hardwood flooring and other hard flooring types are generally written in square feet while carpet is commonly priced in square yards.

Price Range $4.99-8.99

This is a general price range for prefinished hardwood flooring. While some of the fancier products and lines are outside of this range many fall into their price point. When looking in this price range make sure you do your do diligence. If american or canadian made products are important to you you will want to find out where the wood is milled and manufactured not just trust the brand name or the “packaged in” stamp on the box. Ask the salesperson if the wood is prefinished, if its solid plank or a veneer and about additional materials need for installation like underlayments.

Also ask about the quality and board lengths. When you are in this range the flooring should come in longer boards but some manufactures have smaller pieces than expected. The length of the box is an indicator of the longest board. There are generally varied lengths in the box and a 6 foot longest plank is ok but not great, longer boards are visually more appealing.

Price Range $10 and up-

Real hardwood solid plank flooring is generally $10-25 per square foot depending on the specifics of the wood. There are so many factors to choose from when selecting hardwood flooring like the finish, plank width and length and how the flooring is finished.

Plank width is very limited under the $10 price point. The cost to produce wider boards is higher so if you are looking for a wide plank floor you will need to up your price range. The higher price points should also have longer length boards. Some manufactures mill boards that are up to 10 feet.

Speciality Cuts of Flooring

These fall into a more “custom” price range and need a current estimate to give an accurate price. Live sawn and quarter sawn are both popular speciality cuts of flooring. Livesdawn is when the log is cut directly through the middle. It gives you a combination of quarter sawn and plain sawn boards. This also gives you a very stable plank which is ideal for wider plank flooring. Quarter sawn is when the log is cut into quarters and then sawn into planks. Tis is the most stable cut of wood and have a beautiful unique grain pattern.

In the end the price you spend on flooring will depend on your budget and desired look. Hardwood does have a big upfront cost but pays off over the decades you can use the same floor.

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