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Gray comes in dozens of shades, it is classic, and it is very versatile. That’s why gray has been trending as a preferred color for hardwood floors. Gray is popular for many different type of hardwood floors from kitchens to foyers to living rooms. Gray, and greige, are both commonly listed among the most popular flooring colors. You can achieve a gray hardwood floor in a number of ways. It can be painted, stained, or naturally gray.

Painted or Washed

If you want to achieve a gray hardwood floor, it can be painted or lime washed. Lime washing, or white washing, is a process of applying a lime solution to the floor. It is made of a lime substance mixed with water. The lime protects the floor against mold, mildew, and pests. Also, it changes the color of the wood to a washed-out grayish white. It’s a color that was very common on the northeastern coast of the United States during the colonial period. For many interior designers, lime washing is probably most popular from Tom Sawyer stories. It was popular in the 1800s and is growing more popular again.

You can also paint the floor gray. That will offer you many more options than white washing. There are dozens of different shades of gray paint that you can choose from. You also need to decide how much coverage you would like. A thick latex paint will cover the grain as well as the original color of the wood. You can also cut the paint with paint thinner to allow the grain and the original color o the wood to shine through.


Staining the wood is another great option. Stain is designed to penetrate the top layer of the wood. It will color the wood gray while allowing the grain and the color of the wood to shine through. It’s the best way to create a greige color. A thin gray stain that allows some of the natural tan of the wood to shine through will create an authentic greige.

Naturally Gray

Some woods, such as blue mahoe and gray maple, are naturally gray. They’re not as gray as wood that has been stained gray but they look more authentic. You can also stain or finish a naturally gray wood in a way that will enhance the natural gray of the wood. For example, a clear coat can make the natural color of the wood shine through.

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