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When looking for a new look for your home a popular option is going with reclaimed wood. People are going with this look for many different reasons. A few of them are: because it looks good, using reclaimed wood is more sustainable, reclaimed wood can be harder, and the uniqueness of the wood.

You can use reclaimed wood for every part of your home. You can use it for furniture, wall covering, ceilings, flooring and even accent art. How do you know if it will be the right look for you? There are many different places that you can go to get a virtual look at what the reclaimed wood would look like in your home.

What to Look For in Reclaimed Wood

Be careful when looking for reclaimed wood. If you source the wood yourself beware of mold, moisture, and bugs. Certain molds can be extremely dangerous for you and your families health. Especially if you already have a compromised respiratory system. Not all reclaimed wood is going to be dry, if you are truly going out and getting old reclaimed wood from its source then it has usually been exposed to the elements and is likely to have a higher moisture level. You can check this by purchasing a moisture meter at a local wood crafting store or some hardware stores. Also if your re-purposed wood has been in the elements then it has also been exposed to little critters too. The last thing you want to do is bring in little house guests (bugs). You never know what is hiding inside old wood.

Where to Get It

It might not be a bad idea to go to a local hardwood flooring store and see if they have any reclaimed wood that they have checked for all of these common problems. When they source their reclaimed wood they will usually kiln dry it and increase the temperature to make sure all tiny pests are eliminated. They can also check for pieces that are rotting and treat the rest of the wood so you won’t have to worry about future issues. A hardwood covering business also can install these pieces of reclaimed wood in a fraction of the time that you as a homeowner can. They will also know how to ensure that you get the best look, for the place in your home that you want to put your reclaimed wood. They can send out a professional designer and help you match your home with the look you are searching for. 

Work with a Local Hardwood Flooring Company

Using a local hardwood floor company ensures you get the best possible outcome. Ask about their experience with reclaimed wood. Also, ask them about the functionality of using it in your home. Your house may not be a good candidate for reclaimed wood.

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