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Johns Creek Laminate Flooring

Our customers are pleasantly surprised by the improvements that have been made to laminate flooring in the past few years. Laminate is looking more natural and wearing better with the changes that have been made to the manufacturing process. Laminate flooring is installed quickly and easily so it does not disrupt your household for many days like real wood installation can. Homeowners in Johns Creek love that laminate is affordable and durable. There are so many colors and styles of laminate there is something for every style and home.

Laminate can last for years thanks to the durable manufacturing process.

So what is laminate?

Laminate is a multilayer product that has a real wood look on the surface which is actually a photo. Below that layer there are layers of composite board which give the flooring the strength that laminate is known for. Laminate resists damage better than many hardwood products including scratches, pet damage and damage from shoes.

Why would I choose laminate over real wood

  • It’s more cost effective
  • Install faster
  • Durable and long lasting
  • More consistent product unlike the natural defects found in hardwood
  • Easy to maintain

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