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There are several different types of natural materials that are used for flooring. Hardwood is one of the most common. However, there are also options for materials, especially recycled materials, that are growing more popular. The popularity is fueled by trends that lead many people to creating new and innovative interior design ideas, especially on social media. Furthermore, these recycled materials are growing in popularity because many are trying to reduce their environmental footprint. One of the most common new materials is recycled leather.

Recycled Leather

Leather and hardwood have been paired together for centuries; however, leather is not as commonly used for flooring. It’s growing in popularity, though. The trend typically involves using recycled leather for tiles between hardwood planks. For example, a floor might be made predominantly of hardwood, but there might be a strip of tiles running from the front door to the kitchen. Alternately, you might have leather tiles in front of a fireplace or anywhere you need to create a visual change.

Recycled leather comes from two different sources; there is post-consumer leather and post-producer leather. Post-consumer leather is leather that is recycled by someone who bought it at a store; that would be the consumer. For example, you might recycle a leather coat you no longer need or some leather boots you don’t wear anymore. The flooring company would then process the leather into usable sheets and produce flooring tiles from it. The other option is post-producer leather.

Post-producer leather is leather that comes from manufacturers of leather products. The leather has to be cut, tanned, and processed, which often results in scraps of leather. Those scraps can then be turned into flooring tiles.

Matching With Hardwood

Leather is often matched with hardwood because they come in many of the same shades and patterns. Leather has grain patterns, much like hardwood has grains. Also, it comes in shades ranging from light blonde to a dark ebony. Those colors pair very well with hardwoods of similar shades.

There are two basic ways to match leather tiles with hardwood planks. You can choose a lightly-colored white oak to go with a lightly-colored leather. Alternately, you can choose dark leather to contrast with a light stain. That’s the route most people choose. The contrast looks great and really makes the hardwood stand out.

Leather might seem like an odd choice for flooring, but when you pair with hardwood, it can look great.

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