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Marietta Hardwood Maintenance

Hardwood Floor Maintenance in Marietta

While the natural beauty and durability of hardwood floors are well known, they do not come without some need for maintenance. They need regular attention to look their best for the long term. To get the most out of your hardwood floor investment, Ridgeline Floors recommends regularly scheduled maintenance coats to all Marietta homeowners. These are essentially deep cleanings combined with a new topcoat of finish.

Most hardwood maintenance companies recommend maintenance coats every 3-5 years to ensure your floor performs at its best, for as long as possible.

Are Maintenance Coats Necessary?

Yes…if you are to get the maximum life out of your flooring system, regular maintenance coats help ensure your floor performs as you expect it to for decades. Imagine your floor looking practically brand new every few years. That is what you can expect with a maintenance hardwood floor treatment.

You can expect:

  • Virtually all small scratches and flaws to be removed
  • Quick in and out…usually 2-4 hours depending on the size of your floor
  • Revitalized sheen
  • Floors that look brand new in most cases
  • Completely dust free process
  • Durable finish you can depend on
Hardwood maintenance coat

The Maintenance Coat Process


It all starts with the first cleaning. A thorough vacuuming followed by a damp mop ensures we start with a clean palette before our machines come in for the next step. A microfiber mop is used to remove any final dirt or dust before step 2.


A floor scrubber using a high pH solution removes and dirt and grime that step 1 was unable to remove. At this point the floor is extremely clean!


Now we begin with our buffer. Buffing the floor removes any small blemishes, scratches, etc., while making sure the new topcoat will properly bond to the floor.


It is time for the new topcoat finish. This is the “icing on the cake” that brings the whole maintenance process together. You’ll see a brand new shine with nearly all the small scratches filled. Your Marietta hardwood floors are ready for another 3-5 years!

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