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Marietta Tile Installation


Adding tile to your home does wonders for the overall appeal of the space. Tile provides depth and character that very few substances can match. It looks easy enough to do if you’ve watched enough of the DIY television shows or YouTube videos. But it can be much more difficult than you might guess. Especially in larger projects like floors where a small mistake early in the process can produce very large issues later!

At Ridgeline Floors, we are a professional tile company in Marietta. We pride ourselves on doing the best work possible every time! From backsplashes and counters to floors and showers, our experienced tile setters have the skills you need to get the results you deserve! Trust us for porcelain tile, ceramic tile, glass and stone tile installation project.

What is the Best Tile Material?

The right tile for your project depends on what you are planning to do with the material. Each of the tile types mentioned above have different properties and primary uses. While you could use just about any tile for any project, the likelihood of success would vary greatly depending on the type of project and the skill of the tile setter.

Here are some of the more common properties of the most popular tile types:

Porcelain: Very durable and perfect for heavy traffic areas. More chip resistant than ceramic and more impervious to water damage. They can be more difficult to work with because of the harder material.

Ceramic: Softer and more porous when compared to porcelain tiles. As you might guess, they are also less durable because of their softer nature. These are the most common tiles found in floor surfaces.

Stone: Unique and rugged because they are a natural product still essentially in its natural state for the most part. Can be very difficult to install and are not recommended for DIY projects. Great for indoors our outdoor projects. Most often seen as granite, marble, slate and travertine in and around Marietta.

Glass: Most often used as an accent wall or accent piece versus a full floor or wall project. Another difficult material for DIY tile setters. Can make for a dramatic look, but patience is required, along with a steady hand and plenty of experience.

Can Tile be Installed Anywhere?

Absolutely…if it’s carefully placed and professionally done. If you plan on making a DIY tile project, Ridgeline Floors recommends sticking to floors and backsplashes as they tend to have a higher success rate. It is very common to see beautiful tile bathroom counters or showers along with kitchen backsplashes and floors. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to using tile as a flooring or wall surface in your Marietta home!

Trust an Experienced Marietta Tile Installation Company

The larger the tile project becomes, the more important it is to hire a local company with years of experience installing tile in this area. Trust a Marietta tile installation company with all your tile projects. It may seem inviting to try this yourself, but it can become quite daunting as you get into the job. Make the decision early to hire a local company like Ridgeline Floors that you know will do a great job and provide you the peace of mind knowing it was done right, the first time! Call (770) 862-2119 today to schedule your in-home estimate!

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