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Sandy Springs Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Sandy Springs Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options and for good reason, it is timeless and classic. When hardwood flooring is maintained properly taken last decades. Hardwood flooring needs maintenance throughout the years to ensure it lasts the test of time. The maintenance coat process starts with the floor being cleaned with a specialty cleaning machine and high pH cleansers that remove all dirt and grime. Then the buffing process adds minor scratching to the floor removing some of the worn finish and damage that has been done to the floor and preparing it to adhere to the next coat. Then a final coat is applied on top that gives the floor its luster and shine back. This process helps to extend the life of your hardwood flooring and make it look beautiful and fresh again. When maintenance is done properly for hardwood flooring it can last over 100 years.

Maintenance coats are recommended to be completed every 3 to 5 years depending on how much use and wear your floor gets. When maintenance coats are applied the sheen is even and consistent again and there is a fresh barrier of finish between the floor and your feet.

Maintenance Coat // Do I need it?

Honestly, yes. Maintenance coats are truthfully a needed service for your floor. Minor scratching and dullness are removed during this process and the floor get a new uniform finish coat. But it goes beyond just cosmetic, also adds a new layer that will be worn through before the wood is damaged. A buff and coat is much quicker than a full refinish and costs much less. When maintenance coats are utilized the need for a full refinish is pushed off. Additional benefits:

  • Takes only one day, sometimes less depending on the size of your Sandy Springs home.
  • Flaws and scratches removed
  • Even sheen restored
  • No dust
  • Finish is durable

The Maintenance Coat Process


We start our project by answering any questions and talking to homeowners about any concerns. Then the floors vacuumed and wet tacted. Then we wet mop to remove all remaining impurities.


The pH cleansers are utilized on the floor to ensure all dirt and grime have been removed. The combination of pH cleansers and mechanical scrubbing create an ideal work surface for our team.


Next week but the floor. Buffing the floor removes some of the imperfections like small scratches and marks. The buffing also abrades the surface creating a way for the new finish to bond to the floor.


Once the floor has been cleaned and buffed we can apply a new coat of finish. Our professional team utilizes high-quality finishes to ensure a high quality, durable top coat. The finish helps to fill in any scratching and create an even beautiful sheen that often resembles the way the floor looked when it was first installed.

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