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Tile flooring

If you watch any of the numerous TV shows that deal with home renovation, you are likely seeing more and more tile used in the home. Why? Because it is easy to transform any space with tile. Think about a boring kitchen with a new bold and beautiful backsplash! Or a tired old fireplace that now has a new façade consisting of colorful tiles. Why are tiles so popular? In a word, versatility!

Tiles are Tough & Durable

Tile is legendary for its toughness and durability. When installed correctly, the floor can last decades and still look great. Porcelain tile is actually considered to be the toughest floor option on the market today. But, like any flooring material, the installation process plays a large role in the overall outcome. If not seated properly, the material may become weaker, faster, than it otherwise would. It is important to have your tile floor installed by professionals in the Roswell area.

Available Colors & Styles are Nearly Infinite

Matching the color you need with a tile project has never been easier. With the technology available from tile manufacturers, nearly any color combination and style are possible. Color is added during the manufacturing process, either as part of the raw material or through the glazing process. Both processes all for customized looks you may have never thought possible.

Looking for the durability and toughness of tile but the look of wood? Now you can buy ceramic or porcelain tile that looks like real wood! It installs like tile but unless they touch it, your guests will never know that it is tile.

Decorative tile inserted patterns are another great way to customize your space with tile. You can purchase one that is pre-made or you can build your own depending on the desired outcome.

Shapes and Sizes for Any Need

Not all tiles are created equal. The same 18 x 18-inch floor tile that works great for your kitchen floor may not work for your bathtub surround. One of the biggest benefits of tile is the ability to tailor your tile to your project. If you need 5 x 5-inch pieces, there will be a distributor that has what you need. You never have to fit the “round peg into a square hole” when dealing with tile. When custom pieces are needed, your tile installer can easily cut a larger piece down to size with their specialized tools. When you go with tile, you can get exactly what you are looking for!

Trust an Experienced Tile Contractor in Roswell

Before you commit to a new tile project, consult an experienced tile contractor in Roswell. They will have the experience and background needed to help you make the best decision concerning your project. Maybe you want large tiles in your shower…which kind is best? Is it even advisable? Ask Ridgeline Floors and you will know for sure! Call (770) 862-2119 to schedule an on-site consultation today!

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