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When looking at the flooring industry over the past decade one of the biggest movers and shakers has been vinyl flooring. The introduction of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) has really shifted the market. The introduction of a low maintenance product with water-proofing has really changed the way customers look at their flooring. LVP has a lot of great features like durability, low price point and luxury feel. Vinyl flooring is not just for homeowners, it’s also popular in hotels, colleges, and hospitals. 

The Look of Vinyl

Vinyl flooring can look like anything, which is part of why it is rising in the ranks of top flooring choices. If you want a wood looking product without the scratching and water sensitivity vinyl is a great option. Ceramic tile and laminate flooring can also be mimicked with vinyl. LVT looks like tile but is a fraction of the cost for the product and the installation. Wood-look flooring has been very popular for years and LVP is a very hot product right now. LVP gives you the wood look at a lower price than real wood, engineered wood, tile and laminate. Additionally the waterproof nature of LVP means it can be used in wet rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and mudrooms. There are so many different styles of vinyl flooring there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. There are designs, patterns and textures ranging from stone to aged wood and everything in between. The classic hardwood look can be both smooth and textured to fit the look you are wanting for your floor. As trends in housing change so do the options available for LVP and LVT. 


One of the top concerns for homeowners when getting a new floor is durability. Scratching and scuffs are a huge deterrent for many homeowners. LVT was once called hot pressed tile and it is incredibly sturdy. The vinyl is made up of 5 layers that are fused with both heat and pressure. The layers are the top coating, wear layer, print film layer, vinyl core and the vinyl backing. This process makes the flooring resilient and resistant to scratches and dents. The flooring can withstand chips, dents, scuffs and stains as well as regular wear and tear. 

Vinyl is Low Maintenance

Maintenance is also a big factor as to why vinyl flooring is so popular. Vinyl does not need the care the hardwood floors and carpets need. The surface layer on the LVP is designed to be maintenance free, unlike harwood that needs refinishing and care. All you need to do to maintain vinyl is sweep and mop. 

Trust Ridgeline for Your Flooring Needs

Waterproofing, acoustics and affordability are also huge factors for why vinyl flooring is becoming even more popular. Ridgeline Floors is your trusted resource for installing all types of vinyl flooring including LVP and LVT. We can help you with choosing the right material for your home as well. Vinyl flooring isn’t no longer a novelty product, it is now widely used and loved.  


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