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Woodstock Hardwood Maintenance

Hardwood Floor Maintenance in Woodstock

Hardwood is a great flooring choice but it can benefit from maintenance coats over time. Maintaining your hardwood means it will look great for years. The hardwood flooring will be cleaned by a professional cleaning system the pairs mechanical scrubbers and a high pH cleaner to get the floor very clean. After the floor is cleaned the buffing process can start. The buffer can get out minor scratches. Then a top coat is added to the floor and the floor looks revitalized. The new coats extend the beauty and life of the floor. When proper maintenance is used on the floor it can last for over a century.

Maintenance coats are recommended every 3-5 years. The sheen is even and clear again and your floor has a good barrier between your feet and the wood.

Are Maintenance Coats Really Necessary?

The short answer is yes! Maintenance coats are a great way to revitalize your finish and remove the dull sheen and minor scratching. If you want the uniform shine your floor once had you will need a buff and coat. Maintenance coats take far less time than a full refinish and are more affordable. A regular maintenance schedule will delay the need for a full refinish.

  • Half a day from start to completion (average home size in Woodstock)
  • Small flaws or scratches removed
  • Sheen and shine revitalized
  • Dustless
  • Durable finish options
  • Great finished results
Hardwood maintenance coat

The Ridgeline Maintenance Coat Process


Questions and concerns are addressed as we prepare to work on the floor. The floor vacuumed and wet tacked, this allows our machine to be the most effective. A microfiber mop is used to remain and impurities from the floor.


A second cleaning is then done with a dirt dragon. The dirt dragon is a special machine that can scrub and clean the floor with a high PH solution. Dirt and grime are removed leaving a clean slate.


The floor is now ready to be buffed. The buffing process removed small imperfections and abrades the surface so the new coating can bond to the floor.


After the floor is cleaned and buffed, the surface is ready for a new coat. The new finish coat is added by our professional team. The finish will have a new even sheen and will help fill in scratches. At this point your floor will practically look like the day it was installed, if not better!

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