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You Could Be Hurting Your Hardwood Flooring Without Realizing It

Hardwood floors look great and last for a very long time with minimal upkeep. However, some homeowners are attempting to maintain their hardwood floors in ways that actually might be damaging the floor. Here are a few common mistakes that you might be making with your hardwood floors. 

Not Sweeping Often Enough

Every time you walk in and out of your house, you track in small amounts of dirt. Dirt, sand, and other tiny abrasive materials are oftentimes harder than the wood itself. So, when you walk around on them, you’re dragging them across the surface of the wood. Much like sandpaper scrapes the wood, loose bits of dirt can do the same. Sweeping regularly will keep them from scratching your floor over time. 

Not Using The Hardwood Vacuuming Attachment

Your vacuum might have a bare floor setting, but that’s likely for tile and stone. It’s not designed for hardwood flooring. The beater bar that spins in your vacuum can actually scratch the floor’s finish and eventually, it will scratch the wood itself. If you want to vacuum your floor instead of sweeping it, buy a vacuum that has a hardwood flooring attachment. 

Mopping Too Much

Water is the biggest culprit in lasting damage to a hardwood floor. If you mop your floor as you would a tile or stone floor, you could be leaving way too much water on the floor. If you want to deep clean your floor with a mop, use a slightly damp mop, and then dry it up immediately. You can dry the floor with towels or with strong fans aimed across the surface of the floor. 

Hard Shoes

Hard-soled shoes can scratch your floor because they might be harder than the floor itself. High heels are the worst because they concentrate so much force on a tiny area. The shoe’s heel doesn’t even have to be harder than the wood to dent the wood because of the amount of weight applied across a tiny surface area. It’s best to wait until you’re out of the house to put on heels. 

Harsh Cleaners

Oil-based cleaning solutions can leave a film behind on your floor, which will make the floor look dull before its time. Acidic cleaners such as vinegar often react with the finish on your floors. It can eat away at polyurethane, making it thinner, spotty, and cloudy. Other harsh chemicals can stain the wood and eat away at the finish. Use a mild cleaner, and make sure you dry it completely.

Utilize a Trusted Hardwood Company in Marietta

Even if you do your best to avoid these things or if you’ve been doing these things for years and your floors are past the point of no return, you can trust the team at Ridgeline Floors to use their hardwood expertise to refinish and bring new life to your floors. Contact us today for your free quote.

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