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Alpharetta Tile Installation


If you watch bathroom remodel shows on television, tile looks like one of those jobs that anyone can do …or does it? In a small area, most people can be successful tackling this chore. Over a larger area, however, this takes precision, professional tile installation is probably the way you will want to go. Pros have years of training and experience making large and small tile projects look amazing.

At Ridgeline Floors we install; ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tile throughout homes and businesses in Alpharetta. When you need the best, simply call Ridgeline Floors for all your Alpharetta tile installation needs.

How Do I Pick the Right Tile Material?

The most common tile materials are porcelain, glass, stone, and ceramic. Our Ridgeline tile team is well-versed in the different nuances of each tile material.

Ceramic: are like porcelain tiles, but they are softer and more porous because they have been fired at a lower kiln temperature. This causes them to be slightly less durable as a result of this process. We most often recommend these be used as a flooring surface.

Porcelain: These tiles are more durable than ceramic, thus making them ideal for heavy traffic areas, especially when chipping might be a concern. Porcelain tiles are more impervious to water damage, they make for a great fit for a room where water might be of concern. 

Glass: Known for their beauty, glass tiles can make a statement. This statement will come at a price though. They are not typically used for a DIY project because of the difficulty in installation. These tiles are usually used as an accent piece for a room rather than a full wall or floor.

Stone: Want to have a natural “from the Earth” look, each stone tile is unique in its design. This rugged product can be used in either outdoor or indoor applications. Stone tiles include; granite, marble, travertine, and slate among others. These tiles can be difficult to cut, making installation more challenging.

Where Can Tile Be Installed?

The great thing about tile is it looks great just about anywhere! Traditionally, most tiles are found on flooring, accent walls, backsplashes, and in the shower. The limitation is only found within your imagination. If you want to remodel a bath or kitchen, adding a custom tile will make your new project stand out from any other.

Contact an Experienced Alpharetta Tile Installation Company

Tile installation can be an investment, make sure you choose a company with the reputation and experience needed to get the most out of your budget. Measure twice, cut once never meant more than when you are installing tile. Call Ridgeline Floors today at (770) 862-2119 to schedule your free, in-home consultation.

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