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Basic Wood Species Information

Wood flooring comes in a variety of different wood species. Each species has a unique look and feel. Choosing the right species for your home can be daunting but in the end one species will likely work best for your home aesthetically and practically.

White Oak

White oak is one of the most popular hardwood flooring types on the market. White oak can transform from a contemporary sleek floor to a rustic flooring option based on a few features. Depending on the way the boards are cut from the log you will get different grain patterns and variations. Live sawn and quarter sawn oak both have different advantages and looks. The grade of white oak will also dictate if the wood has knots and checks and how much grain and color variation are present.  White oak is a great option for home with children and pets because it is resilient. Wear and tear can add to the style of the floor especially if you have chosen a more rustic look. Some homeowners choose to have white oak stained and it is a beautiful addition to the natural beauty of the wood.


Hickory has a tight rich grain with beautiful color variations. The natural look of hickory is beautiful and has a wonderful rustic charm. Knots and checks can be opted for or a grade can be selected to minimize knots. Knots and checks can make hickory feel very rustic but still beautiful and classic. Hickory can be stained which can add to the natural beauty of the wood. Hickory is resilient and ideal for homes with pets.


Ash is a rich flooring type with a pronounced grain pattern and lots of beautiful character. The rich grain pattern can mask scratching and dents. Adding a wire brushing or other distressing technique can add beauty and versatility to your floor. Ash is not ideal is high usage spaces but does add a lot of beauty to your space.


Maple is a great hardwood option for homes looking for a more minimal grain pattern and less color variation. Maple works well with small pets and moderate usage. Maple has a consistent grain and looks very modern and sleek. It makes a great neutral flooring and can be ideal for many homes. Maple is commonly used on gym flooring and is not ideal for staining in homes.


Walnut has a warm brown tones and a beautiful grain pattern with color variations. Each board is bursting with character and variation. Walnut can withstand moderate traffic and adds a wonderful warmth to your floor. Walnut adds depth and warmth to your space.

Red Oak

Red oak has mild color variation with a pronounced rich grain pattern. The long length boards best show off the unique look of red oak. Red oak is great for high traffic spaces and can last for decades to come. Red oak has lasted the test of time and is a great traditional flooring choice.

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