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Solid Brazilian cherry wood texture background in filled frame format

Benefits of Brazilian Hardwood Wood Flooring

Exotic hardwood flooring is a popular flooring choice but you may be curious if it’s worth the additional cost. Brazilian hardwood is a beautiful flooring choice but you may be wondering how it holds up and what makes it different than other hardwoods. Brazilian hardwood comes in a variety of species and each has their own individual look and benefits. These exotic woods have beautiful coloring and grain that you cannot find in domestic wood.

Brazil has one of the largest forests in the world and there are abundant species of hardwood. The density of the wood in brazil is higher which can help make it more durable against dents and scratches. Domestic wood like oak or maple can have similar durability to wood like Ipe or Cumaru. The impact resistance may not be higher but there are other factors to consider when choosing your hardwood flooring.

Environmental Considerations of Brazilian Hardwood

The environmental impact of an exotic wood is another area to consider. Brazil does have a governing body that helps to control the logging practices in Brazil and help to ensure that your flooring was harvested legally. There are also certifications from the Lacey Act and Forest Stewardship Council that ensure that exotic wood was harvested in compliance with the US legislation rules to help protect the forests.

The cost is another factor you will want to consider. Exotics often run at a higher cost per square foot because they are in demand and have a smaller supply. After being harvested and milled the wood is shipped a long way which adds to the costs as well. Brazilian cherry, Brazilian walnut, Ipe and other exotic woods may run at a higher cost but do not need to be stained to add a beautiful depth of grain.

Solid Hardwood vs Engineered

When looking at flooring you may wonder if an engineered Brazilian cherry floor is a good option compared to a solid wood floor. Solid hardwood is always the best option. Engineered wood does take less natural wood and is made of a thin veneer and then additional plywood or composite layers. This does lead to a more sustainable option and is often less susceptible to shrinking and gapping.

Ask a Local Hardwood Flooring Contractor

Brazilian hardwood is a great option and a beautiful choice for your home. There are pros and cons to any flooring type and exotic hardwood is no exception. Call your Roswell hardwood floor experts at Ridgeline Floors today to discuss adding new Brazilian hardwood flooring to your home!

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