Choosing the right sheen for your hardwood floor

When you are looking at a hardwood flooring project, sheen should be one of the factors you consider. Sheen for hardwood flooring is the level of gloss or luster on the surface of the floor. This gloss level will determine the amount of light your floor reflects, while it may not seem like a critical part of your floor it does have a big effect on how the floor looks. The sheen will change how much light is diffused by the floor and can impact how noticeable the imperfections are on your floor. The glossier the floor, the more apparent scratches and debris will be. There are four basic sheen levels for residential flooring. Ridgeline has put together some pros and cons for these sheens to help you make the right decision for your household.?


Glossy is the highest sheen level. Glossy has become less and less common for residential use. Some homes have a glossy floor but it is much more common in athletic flooring and bowling alleys. The luster level is 70%, meaning a lot of light reflects off these floors. Dirt, debris and imperfections are easy to see on glossy floors. Footprints are also very visible, glossy floors need constant cleaning.?


Semi-gloss is a more popular sheen level than glossy but still not super common. The luster level is down to 55% but it still has some reflective qualities. Imperfections and dirt are still very noticeable on semi gloss, but better than a glossy floor. Semi-gloss is great for homeowners who are looking for a glossy look. A roomba may be a required maintenance tool if you have pets and a semi-gloss floor.?


Satin is the most popular sheen?level for residential flooring. Satin varies some by manufacture but commonly ranks at about 40% luster. Imperfections and dirt are less noticeable on satin than glossy floors. Satin makes the area feel more classic and formal. Satin is great from a resilience stand point also, looking new longer than semi-gloss floors. Satin finish is the middle ground a lot of customers are looking for.?


Matte is the ideal sheen for a natural look. Matte has very low sheen, from 25% and lower depending on the manufacturer. Matte is recommended for high traffic spaces, especially homes with kids and pets. Matte is really low maintenance hiding dirt, dust and imperfections very well. The floor can look dull to some homeowners but it is growing in popularity. Matte has really taken off and there are products out now that have no luster and are commonly called invisible or naked sheen levels.?

Consult Your Hardwood Refinishing Experts

The ideal sheen level is not one size fits all. The right sheen for your floor will depend on your taste, lifestyle and aesthetic. Matte is great in modern homes and farmhouses alike while satin feels more contemporary. Ridgeline Floors works with all different sheens and can help you find the perfect sheen level for your floor. We prefer satin and matte personally but can provide glossy and semi-gloss samples to help you make an informed decision. We are your?hardwood refinishing?experts in Roswell!