Carpet installation in marietta

Carpet Installation in Marietta

Carpet has been a popular flooring covering option for centuries and for good reason. During the 16th century people had ornate rugs in their homes that were hand crafted and made of fine materials. While current day carpets are not as ornate and expensive they are still a wonderful flooring option. Homeowners in Marietta, GA often choose carpet because of its versatility and comfort.

Why choose carpet for your Marietta home?

Carpet is a great flooring choice for a variety of different reasons. Carpet feels warmer and softer under your feet making it more comfortable to walk on. Homeowners also love the carpet helps to dampen noise and can make your home quieter especially if you have a two-story home. The comfort and warmth of carpet is great for bedroom and living spaces but less ideal for bathrooms or kitchens.

The installation of carpet is a fast processor compared to wood or tile installation, a whole home of carpet can be installed in a day or two while wood and tile installation can take over a week. You can utilize carpet in a variety of different spaces making it a very versatile flooring choice, such as carpeted floors or carpet stair runners. A big factor for many homeowners is the price point of carpet, it is affordable and there is an option in every budget.

Types of Carpet

There is not just one type of carpet, there are seemingly endless combinations of style, color and features when it comes to carpet selection. Carpet varieties vary based on the lengths and thickness of the pile. The twist of the fibers in the carpet are what creates the texture and feel of the carpet as well as the durability. Carpet ends can be sheared to expose the end fibers or kept in a loop which is called a loop pile carpet. How tightly the loops are twisted affects the durability and feel of the carpet. The twisted loops are great for resisting matting, adding texture and patterns to the carpet. While a looped pile is considered very durable it can be damaged if the loops are pulled. Cut and loop pile carpet is a combination of these different styles and can create different textures and patterns.

LCL carpet

LCL or loop cut carpet is a newer carpet style that has become popular. Loop cut carpet combines twists and loops to create different patterns, textures, and designs. The designs can range from simple to very elaborate. These carpets are great for high traffic areas and can resist dirt better than other options.


Velvet carpet is an elegant option that is in the cut pile category. The beautiful rich texture and color of velvet comes from the fine pile fibers that give it a smooth consistent finished look.


Frieze is one of the most rugged carpeting choices and is a cut pile style carpet. The carpet strands are twisted tightly and then curled onto themselves which gives the carpet a nubby texture, this carpet style is popular in commercial spaces like schools.

Textured Plush

Texture Plush is another cut pile carpet that has many different applications. While textured plush carpet is not as formal as velvet it does wear better and still is elegant and beautiful. The individual carpet tuffs can be seen which allows for subtle effects to be added to the carpet design.

Tone on Tone Styles

Tone on tone style carpets or carpets that use a random dye pattern to create a custom look. Dirt and stains can be camouflaged in this style of carpet making it a popular choice for families in Marietta.

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpets offer a fun way to add bold style to your flooring. Carpet patterns range from traditional to contemporary including floral designs and other styles. These carpet choices are very stylized and homeowners often find they are a love or hate item.

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