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Dunwoody Hardwood Floor Installation

Dunwoody Hardwood Floor Installation


Hardwood Installation

If you want to update a space in a timeless fashion, hardwood flooring is a great choice. Dunwoody homes have been using hardwood for years and it’s never gone out of style. Hardwood flooring can add value to a home, make your floors easier to clear and care for and add style and beauty to the room. Hardwood is not just one option that fits all, there are so many different species, finishes, stains and sheens to choose from; combining these different colors yields endless options with one sure to be the right fit for your house. 

Installing hardwood flooring properly is extremely important and choosing an installer that meets NWFAs policies and guidelines helps insure your hardwood is installed properly. The NWFA is an organization designed to help project both the homeowners and installers alike while helping to ensure a high quality finished product. Ridgeline trains their team to meet NWFA standards for installation and refinishing. Becoming a craftsman takes years of experience and training but we know what a difference it makes in the finished quality of your project. The track record that Ridgeline has created is evident of how well our standards and training work. We have a long list of happy customers in Dunwoody, Georgia that can tell you all about our processes and training and the results they yield. Home improvement projects don’t have to be a source of stress, our reliable and trustworthy team can make the project easy. High quality finished results don’t come by accident, they come with years of training and the right protocols.

The installation of your hardwood flooring is vitally important and an installer that adheres to the NWFAs guidelines and policies is a necessity. The NWFA is here to help protect homeowners and tradesmen and is a great way to ensure a high quality finished floor. Ridgeline trains employees to meet the NWFA standards for hardwood floor installation and refinishing and our experience and track record are evidence that we meet these standards. Our long list of happy customers in Cumming, Georgia show that our processes and training work great. We know that home improvement projects can be stressful and we work hard to be a trustworthy, reliable company. Our protocols make for high quality finished products. 

The installation of hardwood is a key factor in the longevity of the floor. The application, tools and materials all impact the longevity of your floor. We focus on moisture levels, nailing schedules and other important factors to ensure expert installation quality is met. The precision and care our team uses makes a huge impact on the floor’s lifespan. If hardwood is installed properly and cared for it can last well over 100 years. We can’t be there to keep your pets or kids from scratching your floor but we can cut down on seasonal gapping and movement with proper installation. Wood flooring can be a worry free part of your home when Ridgeline installs and refinishes it.  

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Installation Expectations

  • NWFA standard meet
  • Daily jobsite cleanup preformed
  • Borders installed when needed
  • Top of the line, high quality flooring used
  • Installation of wood is tight

What to Expect From Ridgeline

  • Careful to minimize saw dust and sanding dust
  • Happy to answer questions and concerns
  • Prompt
  • Always adheres to NWFA standards

Domestic Vs Exotic

Choosing the hardwood flooring species for your home comes down to two main options exotic or domestic. We install both domestic and exotic woods in Dunwoody homes but you do need to consider how humidity and environment can affect your flooring. Domestic hardwood flooring is more stable and will yield better results for many applications. Our estimators are helpful in making these choices and can advise you on the right species for your home and lifestyle. 

When choosing a type of hardwood flooring to install the main options are domestic and exotic

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