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myths about hardwood flooring

Wood floors have been a beautiful flooring choice since 1683 in Versailles. There have been plenty of myths over the years but many of them are incorrect and or have changed over time. Many people have even chosen different flooring types because of these myths.

Wax On, Wax Off? Not Anymore!

Waxing floors regularly was once normal but that has changed. Floor finishes have advanced over time and has made wax unnecessary. When Tung oil was used as a floor finish waxing was necessary because it was not as durable but now floor finishes are durable and last for years. If your floor has been refinished since 1930 waxing is unnecessary. Waxing the floor is actually bad for refinishing your hardwood and can cause issues with maintenance. Wax makes the floor slippery and can create an unnecessary fall risk.

Refinishing is Only a DIY Project?

While refinishing your floor can be done by a homeowner it does not yield great results. Tool rental shops floor sanders but they do not have top quality products and professional-grade tools are ideal to get the best results. Hardwood flooring wears over time and when it is refinished a thin layer is removed. An amateur can take off too much of the wood which can result is a shorter life span for your floor. The tools can also damage the floor is used incorrectly. Even people with some knowledge of the machines can have issues with wood floor refinishing. Refinishing hardwood takes a lot of time to learn how to properly complete the task. Finally, the high quality finishing a hardwood professional uses are not available for home owners.

Keep Wood Floors out of the Kitchen

wood floor in the kitchenKitchens are not an ideal location for hardwood flooring. While wet areas can be a concern for hardwood flooring the kitchen is generally an okay place to install hardwood. Hardwood is durable to withstand the abuse a kitchen will throw at it but you may want to choose specific species and finish coats to ensure the best durability. High quality finishes will prevent denting or scratching. While some manufacturers may present the impression that their finish will prevent denting or scratching this is just not true. Some finishes and woods are more resistant to denting but no wood is dent-proof. This rule goes with pre-finished flooring as well. Finish coats are resistant to wear but impact is another animal. Scratch-proof flooring has not be invested and even ceramic tiles can be damaged by scratching.

Ask Your Locally Owned Flooring Contractor for Help!

This last section is not a myth! Asking a professional flooring contractor, especially one that deals with hardwood floor installation, will help you get the answers you need. These myths may have encouraged people to avoid hardwood flooring in the past, but we are in a new age. The truth it that hardwood flooring is a beautiful and durable flooring type that works in many rooms of the house but is not without its drawbacks. Again, get with your local flooring contractor to get the scoop!

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