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Hardwood Pallets Are Perfect For Mudroom Floors

If you are looking for a unique floor for a mudroom or a laundry room, you might think that hardwood is not feasible. Hardwood floors are particularly susceptible to damage from moisture and dirt. Obviously, whatever you track in through a mudroom will likely have moisture and dirt. However, hardwood pallets could create the perfect, unique floor for a mudroom or a laundry room. Hardwood pallets are affordable, versatile, and incredibly resilient. 

Hardwood Pallets

Many pallets are made from softwood and designed for one-time use. However, certain industries use hardwood pallets. You can likely find hardwood pallets from a company that works with European suppliers. Hardwood pallets are commonly used for furniture shipments, motorcycle parts shipments, and car parts shipments. If you’re looking for pallets, there are websites and suppliers that will sell used ones. You also might be able to find ones at local stores. If you are sourcing them from local stores, make sure you ask them about their pallets. If they’re in a dumpster, they’re likely free but you should still ask before you pull things out of a dumpster you don’t own. If they’re stacked up behind the building, definitely ask. You might have to pay for them, but they’ll likely be cheaper than pallets from a retailer. 

Dismantle the Pallets

You can dismantle pallets in one of two ways; you can pull the nails out, or you can cut them apart. If you want to preserve as much wood as possible, you’ll need to pull each nail out of the pallet before using it as flooring. If you want to be quick about it, cut them into planks and discard the parts with nails in them. 

Making Your Floor

Since you’re making a hardwood floor for a mudroom, you won’t need as much preparation as you might for a living space. If you already have a plywood subfloor, you just need to line up your pallet planks to cover the floor. Nail them down with a hammer or a nail gun. A sink on a nail gun will press the head of the nail below the surface of the wood. A punch and a hammer will also do the same thing. 

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Once you’ve got them nailed down, you’re done. Pallets are rough-hewn which means that they’ll be somewhat rough on the surface. That could be perfect for a mudroom since that will help scrape dirt off your shoes before you get to the rest of the house. If you want a smoother finish, sand them down with medium-grit sandpaper. Leaving them unfinished should suffice for a mudroom or a laundry room.

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