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Johns Creek Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation in Johns Creek

One of the best things about carpet is the endless options. Carpet has been a hugely popular flooring option for centuries and it’s no wonder why. Carpets originated as ornate beautiful rugs in the 16th century and over time have become a staple in homes. Modern carpet options are not as ornate and colorful but still work beautiful in Johns Creek homes. 

Why Carpet for your Johns Creek home?

If you aren’t sure that carpet is right for you there are a lot of factors to consider. While carpet does have drawbacks there are so many great things about it that you will want to consider as well. Carpet is warm and cozy and makes a great surface to sit and play with your kids or animals. Carpet is also a great surface to walk and stand on. Noise dampening is a big benefit for homeowners, especially on the second floor of a home. Carpet is also much quicker to install. Installing new tile or wood can take over a week and be very disruptive to your lifestyle while carpet can be fully installed in just a day or two. Carpet works well in many different rooms of the home but is most popular in the bedrooms, halls and living room. Carpet has a great price point and homeowners appreciate that they can find a flooring option for any budget. 

Carpet Types

There is not just one type of carpet, there are endless varieties and options. The different carpet styles come in different thickness and lengths but also have different twists that affect the durability and feeling of the carpet. The tighter the carpet fibers are twisted the more durable the carpet is. SOme carpets have sheared exposed ends and some carpets have loop piles. Twisted loops have been popular for years because they have good texture and patterns while being resistant to matting. Looped pile carpet is durable as well but can become damaged if the loops get pulled. Cut and loop carpets use both these styles which gives them fun patterns and lots of texture. 


LCL is loop cut carpet and has become a flooring staple in Johns Creek, GA. This carpet style combines both loops and twists to add patterns and designs to the carpet. By combining the different fiber styles you are able to make elaborate designs in the carpet. Because of the looped fibers this carpet can resist dirt well and works well even in higher traffic areas.

Velvet Carpet

Velvet carpet is a beautiful elegant cut pile carpet style. Most velvet carpets have a rich color and a very smooth texture that is created from the fine pile fibers that blend together seamlessly. 


Frieze carpet is a rugged carpet option created with cut piles. The cut piles are tightly twisted and curled up to create a textured surface that is nobby or pebble like. 

Textured Plush

Textured plush is also a cut pile carpet style. Textured plush is versatile and beautiful and creates an upscale, formal feel with better resistance to wear than a velvet carpet. The carpet tufts blend together beautifully in textured plush carpet and designs can be added to the carpet for a more stylized look. 

Tone on Tone Styles

Tone on tone style carpet has a unique dye pattern that is randomized to create a fresh custom look that is very unique. Many homeowners find that this randomized dye pattern is great for camouflaging spots in the carpet and can be great for households with children and pets. 

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet has a repeating pattern in the carpet. The pattern can range from a floral design to a contemporary design depending on the style you select. These patterns are very bold and can create a unique style in your space. Homeowners like that patterned carpets help to lock in their rooms style and can help with decorating. 

Call Your Johns Creek Carpet Experts at Ridgeline Floors

If you are overwhelmed trying to select the perfect carpet for your home it may be time to call in an expert. Ridgeline is a great resource for selecting from the huge variety of carpet types, styles and patterns. Ridgeline can walk you through all the steps starting with carpet selection and ending with professional installation in your Johns Creek, GA home. Call 770-592-8903 today!


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