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Painted Hardwood Floors are Still Controversial

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Of all the ways you can change the color of your hardwood floors, painting them is the most immediate and drastic. It’s also the most controversial, for those reasons. Many people worry that it is too difficult to reverse or that it hides the natural grains of the wood. The truth, however, is that painting your floor has been controversial largely because the color is so bold. When you choose a painted floor, the colors are not subtle and muted, even if you choose white or gray. They’re going to make your floor stand out. In the past, that was not something that designers emphasized. Now, the flooring world’s trending towards bold bright colors and statement floors.

Unnatural Colors

Unnatural flooring colors are some of the most popular painting options. Unnatural colors such as blue, purple, and green are popular because they draw attention to the floor. They’re overstated and bold, which makes it a little more difficult to decorate. You have to think of the flooring more as part of a theme. For example, a blue floor with red oak furniture would probably look cartoonish. However, you could pair it with other shades of blue or with white walls and furniture. If the floor is painted an unnatural color, you can pair the floor with white or gray furniture. The floor will stand out, and you don’t need to try to bring too much attention to any other part of your interior design.

Light Colors

Many people choose to paint their floors a light, neutral color. Those are perhaps even more popular and trendy than unnatural colors. Gray, beige, and a combination called greige are the most popular neutrals at the moment. When you paint your floor one of these colors, they will be very bold and eye-catching but still somewhat understated. That means that they’ll almost work like a canvas on which you can design the rest of your house. A bold neutral paint gives you the opportunity to bring in colorful furniture. You could also pair it with colorful walls.

Exterior Hardwood

Finally, paint is the most popular choice for exterior hardwood. Exterior hardwood itself is experiencing a surge in popularity after many people moved away from it. Paint is popular for exterior hardwood because it provides a protective coating over the wood that is easier to repair than stain.

Many people are choosing to defy conventional wisdom and paint their hardwood floors. They’re loving the results.

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