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Roswell Carpet Installatio

Carpet Installation in Roswell

Carpet has been around for centuries and is a beloved flooring option for a variety of reasons. The 16th century featured beautiful carpets and rugs that were hand crafted, rich textiles. While these are not the same as the carpets of today they are part of carpets history and paved the way to modern carpets. Homeowners in Roswell, GA are no different and often gravitate to carpet because of its beauty and comfort. 

Why Install New Carpet in Your Roswell Home?

Carpet is a popular choice for a variety of reasons. Carpet is very comfortable to walk on. Carpet is warmer, softer and quieter than other flooring types which makes is a popular flooring option for bedrooms and living spaces. Carpet is easier to install and can be installed in a whole house in just a single day unlike wood or tile which would take several days. Carpet is a versatile flooring option that can be utilized in a variety of different spaces. The price point of carpet is another reason carpet is such a popular flooring option. There is a carpet line for every price point/budget. 

Types of Carpet

Carpeting is not “a one size fits all” product. There are a variety of different carpet types available running in thickness and lengths. The twist of the fiber in the carpet affects how it feels and how durable it is, the tighter the twist the more texture and durability. Some carpet is sheared to expose the ends of the fibers while other carpet styles are not sheared to make a loop pile. The twister loops help to resist matting and can create texture and patterns in the carpet. Looped piles are very durable but can be damaged if the loops are pooled. Additionally there are cut and loop pile carpets that blend these styles and create texture and patterns. 

LCL or Loop Cut Carpet

Loop cut loop carpet is a popular newer style of carpet. These carpet styles combine twists and loops to create designs and patterns. These designs can be very elaborate because of the combination of fiber styles. Additionally this carpet style is ideal for high traffic areas and areas that may get dirtier than others. 


Velvet carpet is a beautiful elegant carpet with a cut pile. The pile fibers blend together beautifully to give the carpet a rich color which is smooth and consistent. 


Frieze is considered the most rugged of the cut pile carpet styles. The strands are tightly twisted and then curled back onto themselves which gives the carpet a pebbled or nubby looking texture. 

Textured Plush

Textured plush is a versatile cut pile carpet. This carpet is not as formal looking as velvet but wears better. The individual tufts of carpet can be visible which allows for subtle effects to be added. 

Tone on Tone Styles

Tone on tone carpet is a carpet style that combines a random dye pattern. This allows for dirt and discoloring to be easily camouflaged and makes for easy day to day use.

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet is a bold design choice that can be a big statement in your home. Patterns include floral designs, contemporary patterns and traditional options. These carpet options are highly styled and can make it easy to decorate your home and are high performing and easy to live on. 

Call Your Roswell Carpet Experts at Ridgeline Floors

Carpet choices are a big part of the appeal. Depending on the style of your Roswell, GA home you may have some idea what type of carpet will work for your home before you even start shopping. The wide variety of styles, colors and patterns makes shopping for carpet a fun process. Ridgeline Floors can help with the selection process and installation. Call 770-592-8903 today!


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