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Roswell Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Roswell Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Unfortunately, hardwood floors need a bit of attention to maintain their natural beauty. To extend your hardwood floor’s life and aesthetic value, professional cleanings using the best technology on the market are recommended at a regular interval. Ridgeline Floors recommends a combination of mechanical scrubbing, high Ph cleaners and vacuuming to get your floor as clean as possible. After it’s clean, our team will buff your floor to remove any small scratches in the top coat. We will then apply a fresh top coat to recreate the beautiful finish you remember when they were brand new. This process will enable some floors to last for hundreds of years!

Ridgeline Floors believes a maintenance schedule of every 3-5 years depending on your home’s traffic and wear patterns. This will allow the minor scratches to be removed and keep your floor looking it’s best.

Maintenance Coat // Do I need it?

Absolutely! If you want to get the most out of your floor. Prolonged walking on your floor will naturally dull your finish over time. To maintain the original beauty from your most recent refinish, you will want to take advantage of maintenance coats. Maintenance coats are faster and much cheaper than a full refinish.

  • 2-4 hour total time (typically…depending on the size of the floor)
  • Beautiful results that are reminiscent of new floors
  • Removal of small flaws or scratches
  • Beautiful new shine or sheen
  • Dustless process
  • Durable finish

The Maintenance Coat Process


Our team arrives and answers any questions and concerns you may have. We’ll then vacuum and wet tack the floor. This allows us to start with a clean slate, allowing our machines to work most efficiently. Finally, we use a micro-fiber mop to remove any remaining impurities from the floor.


After the first cleaning we do a second cleaning. Our machines scrub the floor and utilizes a high pH solution to best remove dirt and grime not removed in step 1.


With the floor completely clean, we begin with the buffing process. Buffing removes any small scratches and imperfections, while ensuring the new coat will properly bond to the floor.


With a thoroughly clean and abraded surface, we can move to the final step. We now apply the new finish coat, giving the floor a new sheen or shine while filling in as many existing scratches as possible.

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