Roswell hardwood floor refinishing

Roswell Wood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors can be totally transformed with just a wood floor refinishing. Like a time machine the refinishing process returns the floors to their original look and state. We use the NWFA sanding process to transform your floor and you will be blown away at how big of an improvement you will see. We use our training and experience to create the best possible finished floor. Also using high quality equipment allows us to provide a great finished product. We are always looking at the newest products on the market for both equipment and finishes to ensure we give you the best product we can. By utilizing the best products we are able to improve the overall look and also the durability of the floor.

The concern about dust is a common worry customers bring up during hardwood floor refinishing projects in Roswell. We know dust is intrusive and we have done everything we can to reduce dust. Adding the right vacuum system to the process is a big step in the right direction. We train our employees to utilize the vacuum system with all our equipment to cut down on dust as much as possible. The vacuum removes dust from your home as its created and bags are never changed inside your home which allows us to call ourselves “dustless”. The dustless system is a true industry changer and a must for homeowners.

Green flooring finishes

Hardwood flooring is constantly changing like many industries and there have been big improvements in the last 20 years. Finishes have come along way and the introduction of water-based finishes has made a big impact on the industry. Water-based finishes are durable and have very few drawbacks. High quality water based finishes and UV finishes have reduced V.O.C.s and less smell. V.O.C.s can be harmful to your health and can gas off for up to 60 days. Water-based and UV finishes gas off for much less time and typically are done gassing off in just 36 hours. These products are also more durable and only need a maintenance coat after 5-8 years.

Hardwood refinishing // what to expect

Hardwood floors are resilient. They are able to take abuse throughout the years and when the time comes they can be re-sanded and made to look new. With hardwood floor refinishing, the transformation in just a few hours of work is truly marvelous.

What to expect when refinishing your hardwood floor-

Hardwood flooring is a resilient flooring choice and one of the few flooring options that can be refinished. After a few years of use and abuse the flooring will need a re-sand. The hardwood floor refinishing process takes about two days to complete but can take more or less depending on the specifics of the job.

Changes you will see after a hardwood floor refinish-

  • Minor scratches removed
  • Most major scratches removed
  • Cracks filled
  • Sheen is even
  • Grime, germs and dirt removed
  • Pet stains may be removed but cannot be guaranteed
  • Floor will look new, feel smooth and be maintenance free for 5-8 years

Employee Expectations-

  • Punctual
  • Respectful
  • Clean
  • Pay attention to your requests and needs
  • Information and willing to answer questions
  • Background checked
  • Will complete a final walk thru to ensure your satisfied

About our vacuums

Dust containment is a priority for a variety of reasons and we have done everything we can to help reduce and contain dust. We want you to enjoy your floor when we leave from refinishing your hardwood floor and not be stuck spending hours cleaning. We have invested in outstanding vacuum systems to keep the dust to a minimum. Traditional sanding equipment bags and vacuums are often changed and emptied in your home which leads to even more dust exposure. We truly strive to be a 99% dust free wood floor refinishing company in Roswell.