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Sandy Springs Tile Installation


You have probably seen people doing it do-it-yourself tile on TV and it probably looks very easy. These shows often skip over the fact that professionals do the majority of the work while the host or guest you just a small portion. Tile work can be very challenging and to look like a professional level job often requires professional level tools and skills. Many hosts on TV shows have done hundreds of tile jobs and this level of experience really makes a difference. Homeowners can often do a small tiling job themselves and get good results but the bigger the project gets the harder it gets. Add in more intricate tile cuts or designs and the project gets even more challenging. If you are looking for a great outcome on your tile project you will need a combination of expensive tools, experience, and skill.

If you were looking for tile work in Sandy Springs, GA Ridgeline Floors is a trusted tile installer that is ready to work with you. We can install bathroom flooring, showers, backsplash, and flooring in additional parts of your home and any other tiling projects you may have. Our crew has both the qualifications and experiences to get the job done properly. Ridgeline floors is a great resource to ensure your floor is beautiful from day one and does not need to be redone after a failed DIY project. Tiling your home is an investment and should be done properly. We can’t wait to hear from you. 


Many homeowners want to know if tile is a good choice for their home, this depends on a variety of different aspects. Many homeowners and business owners wonder if tile will hold up in their space and it depends on the type of tile. We work with all different mediums including ceramic, glass, stone and porcelain tile. Ridgeline can help you determine if the tile you have chosen is a good option for your application. Some tiles do not work well in wet spaces because they become too slippery. 

Ceramic : Ceramic tile can be used anywhere. Most commonly ceramic tile is used as a flooring tile, it is not as tough as porcelain but still great for flooring. Ceramic tile is ideal for most people and applications.

Porcelain : Porcelain tile is a very versatile option. It’s great for high traffic areas because it is resistant to chipping. It is a very strong flooring type.

Glass : Glass has a beautiful tile option and it looks great especially when installed properly. Glass can be very temperamental and can be challenging in a DIY setting because you may not have the right tools to properly cut this type of tile. Glass is commonly used as an accident and is not used for a whole wall or floor.

Stone : Stone tile is another popular option because of its unique look. The tile will vary based on the cut because it is a natural material. This material comes from the earth and it is harder to predict what each piece will look like. Stone tile is a great indoor and outdoor tile type. Travertine, granite, slate and marble are all different types of stone tile. These can be very expensive and difficult to cut and our best left to the professional.


Tile can be installed almost anywhere in a home or business. It just depends on what type of tile you have selected. Tile is a great option for creating custom designs, by mixing and matching different tiles or laying them out and unique patterns. Custom tile work is one of the best parts of being a tile installer.


We install tile all over Sandy Springs Georgia and love seeing how it transforms a room. Well done correctly tile can be a huge design feature of a room. Hiring a contractor to install your tile may feel like the less budget friendly option but when the project is done right the first time it does save money. Call Ridgeline Floors at 770-862-2119 to schedule a free, on-site consultation.

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