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Woodstock Carpet Installation


Carpet Installation in Woodstock

One of the most beloved flooring options is carpet, carpet has been a popular flooring choice for centuries and for good reason. Hand crafted, rich carpets and rugs were common in the 16th century and while carpet is not commonly handmade these days it is still a beautiful flooring choice. Modern carpet is comfortable and beautiful and a common option among Woodstock, GA homeowners. 

Why Carpet for your Woodstock home?

If you are considering carpet for your home you may be wondering if it’s the best flooring choice. Carpet is very comfortable to walk and stand on. Homeowners with two story homes appreciate that carpet can dampen noise. Carpet is also warmer and softer than other flooring choices. Installation time is greatly reduced with carpet versus tile or wood flooring and a whole house can be complete in a day or two while hard flooring installation would likely take a week or more. Carpets can be utilized in a variety of different spaces and is very popular in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. Carpet also has great appeal based on the price point, there is a carpet option for every budget. 

Carpet Types

Carpet comes in more variety and options than we can list. The different varieties of carpet affect the thickness and lengths available. The twist in the carpet fibers affect both the feel and durability of the carpet. The twither the twist the more durable the carpet will be. Depending on the carpet style you may have sheared exposed ends while other carpets have loop piles and no sheared ends. Twisted loops are popular because they create texture and patterns and resist matting. Looped pile is durable but does run the risk of the loops being pulled and damaged. Cut and loop carpets combine these styles and add both texture and patterns to the carpet. 


LCL stands for loop cut carpet is one of the most popular carpet styles in the current Woodstock market. This carpet style combines twists and loops to make patterns and designs in the carpet. Combining these different fiber styles allows for elaborate designs to be created in the carpet. This carpet style works great in high traffic areas and can resist dirt well. 

Velvet Carpet

Velvet carpet is a cut pile style carpet that is elegant and beautiful. The rich color of the carpet and the smooth texture comes from the fine pile fibers that blend together almost seamlessly. 


Frieze carpet is one of the most rugged carpeting options and is a cut pile carpet. The stands in frieze carpet are tightly twisted and curled up to create a textured carpet surface that resembles small pebbles. 

Textured Plush

Texture plush is another cut pile carpet that is versatile and beautiful. While this carpet is not as formal as velvet it has a similar elegance but has superior resistance to wear. The individual carpet tufts begin to blend together but can be identified under closer inspection, this quality allows for different design elements to be added. 

Tone on Tone Styles

Tones of tone style carpet utilized a randomized dye pattern to create a unique finished look. This dye pattern helps cover up dirt and spots with a natural camouflage making it popular with dog owners and parents. 

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet is a carpet that incorporates different repeating patterns, these patterns can range from floral to traditional patterns and even some contemporary designs. Patterned carpet is a bold choice and highly stylized so it needs to be well planned out. Many homeowners find it helps to lock in their home’s style and makes decorating easier. 

Call Your Woodstock Carpet Experts at Ridgeline Floors

Choosing the right carpet for your home is a challenging process. There are a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Ridgeline Floors would love to help you choose the right carpet for your Woodstock, GA home and complete the installation with expert precision. Call 770-592-8903 today!


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