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Woodstock Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Installation in Woodstock

Luxury vinyl floor installation is more popular than ever before. Thanks to modern technology and cutting edge design, luxury vinyl can mimic the look of hardwood flooring while maintaining a water resistance that is virtually unmatched in other flooring materials. This becomes especially important in areas of your home where water damage is more likely. Kitchens, baths and laundry rooms are prone to water damage and are good candidates for luxury vinyl.

Luxury vinyl flooring has many advantages other than water resistance. Unlike authentic hardwood, vinyl flooring tends to have a warmer touch to the skin. Homeowners appreciate the little touches like these during cold winter months. Also, because they are man made, it is easy to find the pattern and color to fit your needs. Another advantage is cost. Real hardwood floors, while timeless and highly sought after, tend to be quite a bit more expensive than their luxury vinyl counterparts. Vinyl flooring also installs quickly and without the muss and fuss associated with hardwood.

While the look and feel of real, authentic hardwood floors is unmistakable, luxury vinyl flooring is growing rapidly in popularity. Call Ridgeline Floors today for a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate. We will answer all of your questions to see if luxury vinyl is the right solution for your home or business!

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning luxury vinyl flooring from our clients in Woodstock:

Q: Why is luxury vinyl a better choice than other flooring materials?

A: Affordability and durability are among the top reasons. That’s a great combination of attributes for any flooring surface. When you consider the water resistance and how it can be used throughout the home or business it just gets better.


Q: How long will it last?

A: Depending on the quality of the product and how you use it, you should get years of use from your vinyl flooring. Residential uses tend to last longer than commercial applications only because of the amount of traffic in commercial business spaces.


Q: Does it take a long time to install luxury vinyl?

A: Fortunately it is quick to install. In most cases it can be done in a single day. There is no curing to wait on so the floor is ready to go as soon as it is down.


Q: Can my dog’s claws damage the floor?

A: While there is no such thing as a 100% dog safe floor, luxury vinyl comes about as close as possible. The product tends to be very tough and scratch resistant in most cases.


Q: Is Luxury Vinyl an easy floor to take care of?

A: Yes…yes and yes! As a matter of fact it is practically maintenance free. Quick vacuuming and a damp mop is about all you’ll need!

Hire an Experienced Woodstock Luxury Vinyl Floor Contractor

Luxury vinyl flooring is a great option for homes and or businesses. The benefits are extensive. When you are ready to make the move, call an experienced, local luxury vinyl flooring company in Woodstock. You need a company you can depend on! Trust Ridgeline Floors for all your flooring needs! Call us today for a free in-home consultation today! Call (770) 862-2119.

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